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  • Glow Plug Timer Module

    Where is the timing unit for the glow plugs?
    My 1161's don't need all that glow plug time to get started...they're immediately eager to run with no glow so far.
    BTW, I've started measuring the resistance of the glow plugs in my vehicles, time permitting, and they're 1.75 ohms. No dead ones yet. I want to reduce the time the plugs are seems way too much time glowing and that only leads to burning out
    the plugs sooner. I'm in northern NJ and I can adjust the time upward if necessary this coming winter.

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    Larry, if you remove the center dash panel you will see the timer way deep down inside there towards the steering column.



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      Thanks Greg,
      Gettin' on it tomorrow


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        Per Greg's instructions, the glow plug timer is very close to the steering column. It has a vertical row of dip switches all pushed to the right. That gives it the max. time the module can conduct i.e. glow plug "on" time. I pushed the bottom three switches to the left and checked the timing. About 7 seconds of glow plug time now. That's more than enough time for my vehicles but if winter comes and more time is needed, just recycle the "run" switch and get 7 more seconds! It is very difficult to reach or even see. I used a very bright flashlight and a long screwdriver to push the bottom 3 switches to the left.


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          If it helps, here is my glow plug research and my cold-weather starting results: ITV cold weather testing ❄

          ​I'll probably aim for a timer of 10-15 seconds to run all seasons. Even when it's warm out and start is instant (1st compression), I wait 5 seconds as the black smoke on startup is reduced, and 7-seconds in the winter (max heat) to avoid more cranking or startup misfire.