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    Michigan will not register a military vehicle… Unless the vehicle has been titled in a different state. If it was registered in a different state they will do a title transfer into Michigan. Luckily mine was owned by a dealership in Indiana. They had titled it in Indiana making the process simple and inexpensive. I’m aware that can make the process happen, it’s pricey though. Rasmussen has a discount code on his YouTube videos for Dirt Legal.

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    +1, excellent point, and why I always paid the State Title option at auction close as a form of "insurance-for-easy". I figured it couldn't be worse to have it already titled in any state by GovPlanet, ready for transfer instead of new title creation. This should not be an issue in the future as most are already state-titled, but some are still not, and your point is worth keeping in-mind if this is your intended path. Glad yours worked-out! 🎉