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Moving to Colorado?

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  • Moving to Colorado?

    Anyone register in Colorado? I've heard things have been altered and are in a current fight to keep mil vehicles on the road? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


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    Look up Dragonman in Colorado Springs. He owns a huge shooting range, gun shop, M/C track. He has over 100 Mil vehicles most are registered


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      Thanks. I will do that.

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    I'm getting my M1161 inspected tomorrow by the State of CO. It has been quite a process since moving. This guy is going to inspect the motor against EPA standards for the state. He mentioned like-9 sensors that it should have in order to be compliant, the only recognizable word I heard was "flex-capacitor and 1k JigaWatts!" Maybe not 9, but a bunch of things i'm not aware of. If you any of you have had a similar inspection, I'd love to hear what I can expect. If it passed this person, a health inspector, then it qualifies to get emissions tested. Any feedback is appreciated or comments. Otherwise I will let you know how it goes.



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      Good luck, if that doesn't work out I know how to get a Utah plate.


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        Gah. 😒 Good luck with that emissions stuff. The ITV used an engine that is rated Tier II, so it does not need electronics, DPF, etc, — a big deal for a compact combat vehicle and supporting maintenance. This is also why it did not get a Cummins or other USA/Euro engine. With tighter emissions regulations here they didn't make Tier II with mechanical fuel injection anymore by then, and had to go elsewhere to find ones still in production. Unless CO has an exemption for military (doesn't sound like it), I can't say for sure, but wouldn't hold my breath for either standards approval or testing. Crossing fingers for ya. 🤞
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          BTW, here are the applicable Tier II test standards that the ITV engine originally had to pass. Yours will be tighter, but even if you don't pass the test should tell you if yours is running within spec.

          Engine Power • Tier • Year • CO • HC • NMHC+NOx • NOx • PM
          75 ≤ kW < 130 (100 ≤ hp < 175) • Tier 2 • 2003 • 5.0(3.7) • – • 6.6 (4.9) • – • 0.3(0.22)

          Hmm. That didn't format so well. Hopefully you can sort it out by column.
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