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  • Air compressor question

    Is it at all feasible to use the onboard air compressor as a shop compressor without having to fire up the diesel? I'm new to air compressors and air tools. And my shop consists of a two car garage with 3 "cars" in it now, so space is precious.

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    Technically, yes, with the switch the ON, not START position. IMO, you probably don't want to use it much, for other than a quick tire fill or blow-off, or a quick power tool use (impact gun or similar) or something small. The air tanks are small and quickly depleted. The pump draws significant power from the batteries (24V), plus other stuff like the glow plug heat power, and a couple of tank fills would probably be fine. I've done that with mine, but more use probably justifies a dedicated shop compressor.


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      Yeah, I was concerned about the glow plugs. Looks like I'd be better off without the wear and tear on my vehicle compressor anyway. Thanks for the reply.


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        I would strongly recommend against it. The compressor is small and low volume and can't actual power any air tools anyway. It would roughly be the equivalent to using one of those little 12 volt compressors that run off cigarette lighters to try and power tools. Not only will you drain the battery but you would significantly shorten the life of the compressor. You'd be better of buying a small shop air compressors and just leave it sitting in the back of one of your "cars" and just take it out when you go driving. Using the on board compressor for anything except inflating tires and air bags would probably not work.


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          Thanks for the input. I will be looking into a decent shop air compressor.


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            Actually, the tanks (cylinder tank and frame-rail "tank") hold enough air for short bursts or low-flow power tool use, such as an impact gun or some quick holes with an air drill. But they run-down real quick, and you're waiting another couple minutes to use it again. If planning this, be sure to add a pressure regulator to your QD air line, as most air tools don't like 150 psi.

            This is the air hose setup I carry, with a male QD coupler, inline regulator and gauge, 15' of quality no-crush hose (reaches everywhere), inline blow-gun valve, female QD coupler, and a tire air chuck. I've only used it for a couple quick impacts and blowing-off stuff a few times. I use it more for others, (topping bike tires, a flat on a 1943 Jeep in a parade and such), than I do for myself. But, it's cool to have it available.
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              I do have an inline regulator, 2x 10 ft QD hoses, and a tire inflation tool, but I don’t have that short burst air nozzle. That is a great idea. Thanks for the info.