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Classified and senistive information related to the Growler

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  • Classified and senistive information related to the Growler

    There has been a lot of misinformation and assumptions about some of the documents available from the ITV program. Things like there is a deeply classified cache, or the program contractors are hiding data from the public to make money, or that some contractors are trying to corner the market.

    All of these guesses may be correct, but are also irrelevant.

    I actually spoke with folks from the old Growler program office (actually the specific program was discontinued, but they were in the Marine Corps Systems Command, PM Light Tactical Vehicles office in Albany, GA) who are still in the government. There are a number of documents that are or were available, and while none of the ITV-specific information was ever classified (that has a very specific meaning in the DOD) some of it related to the general WEAPON SYSTEM (Expeditionary Fire Support System or EFSS, not the Growler specifically) was. However, that information has no relevance to anyone playing with the Growlers.

    Public release information is usually denoted by something called Distribution Statement A: Approved for public release: distribution unlimited. More information on DOD distro statement can be found at

    Further, the USG has created a new category of information called Controlled Unclassified Information or CUI. This is what many folks may have known as FOUO or For Official Use Only information (FOUO is no longer used, by the way).

    Now, to the point of all of this. There are several documents from the Program Manager Light Tactical Vehicles, Program Executive Officer, Land Systems Marine Corps who was responsible for the ITV that are related to Growlers. Those documents are labelled:

    DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT C: This publication is required for the official use or for administrative purposes only as of 31 October 2017. Distribution is limited to U.S. Government agencies and their contractors. (dates for each document may vary)

    DESTRUCTION NOTICE: Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of this document.

    For that reason they are not in the public domain and it is a violation for anyone who legitimately has them to release them.

    Given the program no longer exists, it will take quite a while to get this information approved for public release. However, pragmatically, in my opinion, there is no reason to do so. They seem to be of limited use.

    I have these LIMDIS documents, but cannot release them. The documents that relate to the ITV and fall under this category are:
    • ITV Floorboard and A-B pillar modification instructions
    • Replacement of the ammo trailer brake controller and DC/DC converter
    • Rear steer safety pin modification
    • Key point removal instructions (related to the AN/VRC-111 radio set)
    • TM 2320-OR/B Tech Manual (already in the public domain but apparently without release authority).
    I have these, as well as a number of other documents, all from the program office, and have reviewed them. If the community thinks there is a good reason for getting these released, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Or feel free to try yourselves if you’d like.