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Documents & References Ground Rules

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  • Documents & References Ground Rules

    As suggested by W427, this section will act as a central location for documents and reference materials located elsewhere across the forum.

    This info is necessarily scattered across the forum, and generally makes sense that it exists within its specific area. But also, it might be helpful to have "doc-box" type location where one can browse all available technical documents and manuals, to essentially learn what info we have without specifically having to search for it.

    Users may post here but with the following requests and restrictions:
    -This is not a place to post the reference material. Post it where it belongs on the forum (within its specific subforum).
    -Post a link to that other post, where the reference material actually exists, here.
    -Title your post carefully; try your best to use fully descriptive searchable titles
    -No discussions or conversation are permitted here; you're only allowed to post a thread and link, not comment or respond (an effort to keep the discussion where it belongs on the forum, as well as keep this doc-box clean and for reference only.)