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    Does anyone know about the Montana Title Gov Planet are offering with the Growlers?

    Does it come with licence plates?

    What do they send you if you choose the Montana title option?

    Does anyone know how the Montana titling process works?


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    My title was to come from Florida, per both the GP site and Customer Service in late November. They said all optional titles would be through FL. My understanding is that it will be an unrestricted on-road title. Period. That means no registration, license plates, etc. You do that in your state they said.

    I don't know about the Montana change, or what it would mean otherwise. My local licensing office said there should be no problems with re-Titling and registering with plates from a FL title, and no issues with the emissions restrictions, as it is an exempt "Military tactical vehicle" per our state laws. Words are hot air until it happens!


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      Thanks David. Montana Titles were clearly offered back with Sept auction in Ca, then I think GP changed things later. My pick - bet on the winning horse after it crosses the line ............... At least you know where you stand!

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    South Dakota has a simple title process with road plates. You have to show you paid sales tax.

    Mary Taggart, Deputy Treasurer
    Clay County Treasurer’s Office
    211 West Main St. Suite 201
    Vermillion SD 57069
    Phone: 605-677-7123
    Fax: 605-677-7104
    Email: [email protected]

    This website should have the information you need:

    It is this "Clay County" specifically that allows you to have your vehicle and address in another state


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      Thanks for the backup plan Terra1936

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    I got no titles or sf-97 yet. Gov planet taking forever.


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      Has anyone reveived sf97. And if so does it say off road only on it.


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      Jonywpns - word I got was that it's the US Army vehicles that get "off-road only" restrictions. I looked at a few GP auctions and it seemed to hold true, that Army Humvees had noted restriction, while USMC vehicles did not. Best check your GP listing (on the right-side notes column) for any restriction on your vehicle. Rumor also was that they offered a title if it was not restricted, and only an SF97 if it was. Again, all word-of-mouth, so check your listing to be sure, or call them with your sale number if you're not.


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        Thanks i paid for sf97. I bought few of these Havent got sf97 yet. Anybody get their sf97 yet.


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          I called GP to see where my SF97 was and she told me that even though I paid for it I still needed to request it. So I formally requested it and she said it would take a few weeks to process it. I guess in their minds paying for it doesn’t mean that you actually want it???

          Also when I received my EUC approval Email I was noted that this was for off road use only. But there is a company called Dirt Legal who told me that when I get my SF97 that I can pay them to get it registered in either Vermont or Utah.


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            Originally posted by Rasmusrentals View Post
            ... Also when I received my EUC approval Email I was noted that this was for off road use only. ...
            If yours is like mine, read it carefully. In-effect, mine says it is for off-road use only, unless it complies with requirements for on-road use. In my state it does, as it has turn signals, headlights, mirrors, etc, required for on-road use.

            Some states like California apparently require strict emissions compliance, which could be a hurdle, as the ITVs are limited compliance (there may be your off-road only ). In my state, "military tactical vehicles" are specifically exempt from emissions requirements, where most other types must meet CA requirements to obtain new title, registration and plates. Weird, eh?

            BTW - is there a place to click for initiating the SF97 or Titling documents, or to you just send an email with "Please send my SF97/Title"? I paid GP the extra for a Title, which I was told would be an unrestricted road title through Florida. We shall see!



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              I am in CA so I am going to have Dirt Legal register it in Utah for me. I will just keep it registered to Utah, it will be a lot cheaper. I would call them to request your EUC they might “lose” your email.
              its funny Ritchie Brothers owns GP and they are very professional very helpful a great company to deal with and I don’t know why they let GP operate the way they do.


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                I just looked at my EUC it says “unless compliant with Federal and State regulations this vehicle is for off-road use only”


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                  Yep! So see if it's compliant in your state. I love those twisted statements that are "NO... unless it's YES". LOL Any reason you didn't request a title with it? Maybe you can ask if you can still add it on with your credit card (if they tell you what they told me}.

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                  Good thing the sf 97 doesnt say off road so ill get clean title. Then go get plates later.

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                Virginia has a special category for military vehicles. It does come with some restrictions but nothing that would really impact me negatively. Might be worth taking a look at.

                Everything you need to know about owning a vehicle in Virginia, including titling, registration and plates.


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                  I am a Montana resident and have registered 2 lmtv’s and my growler with no problem whatsoever. Gp sent me the sf-97 (which is the government’s version of a title). The sf-97 took forever on the growler for some reason. In Montana, you can drive just about anything on the road as long as it has a license plate. No smog, vin inspection etc. hope this helps.


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                    GP verified the title (if you pay for one at sale) is now from Montana (was Florida). Should be no issues. Keithfortin - how did they configure the VIN number on the ITV title?


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                      I have not received my sf-97's yet either.! I got the same BS from GP and I bought 9 of them clear back on Sept 4th! I called them every two weeks for the last 2 1/2 months. Every time you call, you get someone else, with a whole new story why you have not received them. I called them three times today, and was lied to by the first two. The third call this afternoon was with the rep (GP) which is Richie Bros. auction. He told me should have them next week. Will See!!!!!