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Removing tires with run-flats

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  • Removing tires with run-flats

    Removing tires with run-flats and installing new tires.

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    Great idea!


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      I have a pressing need for a bigger press. 😁


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        You mentioned that you had purchased O-ring material from McMaster-Carr... Any idea of the specs / size of that material? Will I need a cutting jig for that or just a steady hand and a razor blade? Also... do you recall the super glue you used?

        Much thanks,


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          I'll have to look up the size of the oring material. You just need a straight cut. The only super glue that I have tried that didn't work is gorilla brand


          • macbaldwin
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            I know you’re busy right now, but if you come across the length of the o-ring material let me know. I finally have the material and the cutting/alignment tool. No rush. Thanks.

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          It takes 47" of oring stock per wheel.
          I just cut one of the old orings and use it as a gauge to cut the new ones. I usually cut it an 1/8" longer then let it rest and then cut it to size. For some reason they come up short if I cut them up to exact length on the first cut.


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            Our run flats had 2 notches molded in 180 degrees from each other. We must have gotten lucky only had to pry the run flat away from the rim a hair and run lube in the crack all the way around. Able to push the rim right out then. All 4 tires.


            • W427
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              Did you just stick a screwdriver in there and drizzle lube in the crack? Or did you have to pry enough to get lube all the way through? I'll need to do this myself, as my MV tire guy decided to retire. 😩