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Video on three possible solutions to CV Axle problems

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  • Video on three possible solutions to CV Axle problems

    Here is my video on 3 things that will hopefully help keep your inner CV from pulling out of the diff or totally separating.

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    Rasmusrentals Hey Greg thanks for the video. The junior mechanic shows huge potential! Just Perfect.

    I noticed on my M1163 that GD have an extra spacer fitted on the jounce stop restricting how far the axle can drop.
    Does the M1161 have the spacer too ?

    Do you think the M1161 has a wider track than the M1163 or GD simply added more shims to correct wheel alignment causing the track to be wider and making the axles too short?

    Would 1 or 2 inch longer axles solve the issue, can’t be good for the inner CV cup continuously running balls on outer limit?



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      Rambling a bit; I would agree that the bump-stops regulate the maximum suspension travel, similar to my travel-limiter suggestion in another thread. Spacers under the bump-stop to reduce max travel appear to already have been employed, and perhaps need more spacing or replacement as the stops age and deform. I also reduced ride height for CV life and better ride on one vic, but that alone would not affect the suspension's ability to travel to the stops during operation, still allowing the pull-outs or ball-drops.

      On that note, due to the double wishbone suspension geometry, the minimum and maximum lengths of the half-shaft are not necessarily (and not typically) at minimum and maximum height. Likewise the CV angles in-combination with length change may create an unexpected interference or binding at an unpredictable height. All that said, the final issue of pull-outs from the diff could involve boot tension, though the substantial force would be when the bearings hit the retainer wire in the inboard joint. If the stub does not pull from the diff, or the wire does not retain, then the bearings pop-out. The variations of spline lengths, clip locations and shaft lengths may hide yet more variables in this mystery.

      I intend to do a better analysis of the suspension travel dynamics this summer, also noting how the various alignment parameters affect travel dynamics, which has substantial effect in other similar setups I've seen. At that point I can also use standard half-shaft measurement procedures to verify optimum axle length, and if we have that. I'm hoping to identify exactly where and how the various seemingly related issues develop. With a number of us compiling info here, we should find one or more reliable solutions. 👍


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        I've seen enuf of Rasmussen's videos to know the only safe setting of my suspension is in the RIDE position. The chances of popping a CV is just to onerous to take a chance. His videos have really come thru for me and my mechanic friend.
        The complete TM2320-)R/B manual my son posted for the M1161 will be coming down shortly.
        If you can't print the 600 pages it can always go to a disc.