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Pressure Dump upon Moderate Braking

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    Originally posted by W427 View Post
    While it would be #147 on the to-do list , a 'simple' programmed inline mini-controller could actuate first braking, then count x-number of applications before repeating. I'll put it on my scroll of things for this winter if you think it would be useful to others. I think it's a bit of overkill for this however, and other simpler solutions may become apparent (cheap delay-relay?). I have a few ideas and will play with them eventually, or sooner if demand warrants.
    That gives me an idea.

    A simple 5 minute (or whatever) timer that is activated by the brakes. That way if you are in town or using the brakes alot it doesn't go off every time. If you push the brakes the counter starts again.


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      This type of relay delay looks like it will work. Programmable with quite a few options.


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        Yes, a delay-relay. The relay is in one switched state (NC), and when triggered, switches off (NO) until the delay times-out. It then returns to its original output (NC). You can interrupt the purge circuit, or make it the controller for purge, etc. Have fun!

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      Solution found!!!

      The above delay relay solved the "annoyance" of dumping air to purge the dryer every time the brake was pressed. After fiddling around with the settings and interpreting Chinglish I was able to set it to brake activation starts the timer, once exhausted (100 seconds) the purge circuit is activated (3 seconds), and then released. If the brake is pressed anytime before the 100 seconds is exhausted the timer starts again at 100 seconds..

      I'll see if the 100 seconds is long enough (I suspect not) during normal driving with stop and go to get rid of the annoyance. If not I'll increase it to maybe 5 minutes.

      All of the wiring is accessible right below the steering wheel on the brake switch. There is a hot leg coming in and 3 switched circuits coming off. The brake relay circuit wire is actually labeled (upper right in the picture). The new relay box needs a hot leg and ground. I pulled the ground from the disconnected "timer" relay ground that was removed during the iCubed upgrade so I didn't have to drag a new ground.

      For reference I used P-2 setting, B function, timer loop 1 (100 seconds), timer loop 2 (3 seconds). It took a few tries to figure out how to get it into B function as there isn't a visual indicator of the A,B,C function changes.

      Works great so far. The delay relay box is not water proof so that needs to be solved and tucked up above the hinged relay panel.

      On a side note I found a huge dead wasp nest about the size of my fist hiding up above the steering column that I didn't notice before. Stowaways from Kalifornia.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	20221206_212015.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.30 MB ID:	7820 Click image for larger version  Name:	20221206_212025.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.37 MB ID:	7821
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