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    Seco parts are posting the growler parts on ebay they overbid on at govplanet. Do them a favor and mark them spam or report the listing. Lets let them know they are a bunch of jerks for trying to rip all of us off. You could say “that’s capitalism “ but they should know we ain’t buying from them

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    Unfortunately, that is the seller's prerogative. Best recourse is to buy from sources elsewhere, such as other owners here. What's interesting is that eBay is often used to set ridiculous price comparisons, then parts are sold under different names or on other venues at half the price — which sounds good at-first but in reality is still a complete ripoff. This tactic originally came from people setting high advertised comparisons for insurance fraud, which indicates the type of people they are. Ripoff artists or just stupid, I can't be the judge of that.

    I have many examples, but shopping among owners is still a good idea, and one example is the hitch ("Gypsy") tray on eBay for $1500, when a couple sold here for $250, and one member said he could make duplicates around $100. Maybe we can get a set of plans drawn-up. Another is the bellows (air bags) for the shocks, advertised as "ITV" at $350 each by some lunatic, and I was shipped Firestone bags at $70 each, and four good-looking generic brand at under $100 total with shipping ($25 each) from a different seller on eBay. I bought a bunch of original H70WK04 fuel filters at $8 each. Check here to see what the price is today.

    OK, one more thing and I'll shut-up. We have yet to see a very large quantity of ITV parts that were sold in truck-load quantities before they began selling loose ends on GP (not everything is sold on GP ). This is stuff from back in 2018 and early 2019, before anyone knew what an ITV was. I've personally seen roughly 2-1/2 shipping containers of ITV parts of every kind, sitting at one business storage site in PA. While most maintenance parts we need are already available, ITV-specific stuff will be coming when the bulk buyers decide to release their stuff "after the market settles-down". I don't know if that will be tomorrow or months away, but this one seller is very fair with prices on other stuff and sells only to papered owners (avoiding hoarders and resellers) so should be a fantastic source. And, he's not the only one… 😉 There is light at the end of the tunnel!


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      AND that light is not a train!!

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    Love it. Thanks for the conversation. I hope we can all put our minds and parts together to be able to make/purchase for all to benifit. Ive got a canvas maker who im currently working with in South America. They make soft tops for FJ40 land cruiser and defender 90's. Off of pictures he said he could do the ITV for 1200-1500. Its pricey, but with more interest i bet we could get that price down. He is going to need copies of the tops, i only have the front piece. But my thinking is for all to have a source for the future.



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      I can work with you on that. I have a torn PM rear top that is repairable for use or as a pattern.

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    Hello SecoParts here. We hear what you are saying, but are simply trying to run a small business, and the cost of business is high and only starts at the price of the item sold on GP.

    We are open to discounting parts to the community in certain circumstances and larger "group buys" would definitely help in that regard. Our primary customers would be to Foreign Militarys , but we are offering these parts to the public just in case anybody needs these parts.


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      I think everyone here understands companies must be profitable. I doubt anyone has problems with companies marking up parts A LOT. One of the wonderful things about a free market is companies can choose at what margins to sell at, and consumers can choose who to buy from. With that said, as consumers, we are all guilty of paying crazy high prices at times. Ever buy popcorn at a movie theater? Convenience is worth something to all of us.

      But one of the great things about forums like this is that we can share information. And this includes sharing information with your company. As an example, you have the CV boot advertised at $49.89. You do not mention if it is the boot only, or if it includes the bag of grease and 2 clamps. I am assuming it is the boot only since your part number is 862338 (the kit is 862338D).

      You can buy the kit (boot, grease and clamps) at NAPA for $21.99 each.

      My buddy who sells VOLVO performance parts (go figure) sold me the same kit for $7.00 each (I did buy 24 though). He paid $5.30 from his wholesale supplier EMPI (who does not sell retail). If I had to guess, the manufacturer sells this boot kit for a couple bucks.

      So my guy, marked up his purchase about 30% (I definitely got the friend price).
      NAPA marks this kit up about 400%
      SecoParts marks up your boot (not kit) about 1200% unless you aren't very saavy at purchasing. Hopefully you did not buy these boots in an auction for $30 each.

      Maybe you will take this information and continue to sell the boot only for $49.89. Power to you.
      Maybe you will take this information and at least sell the full kit for $49.89 (as to not inconvenience your customers when they realize they have to use 2 zipties until they figure out where to buy the steel clamps)
      Maybe you will realize that you should set up an account at EMPI or at least an aftermarket company (not a retailer like NAPA) and then you can make more money AND lower your price.

      In any event, you get to choose whatever path you wish and I'm super happy we live in a country where this is possible. If I have to pick a gripe, it would be this: On your website you say on your mission statement:

      "We have the inventory, expertise, suppliers, and resources to provide any and all parts needed for your vehicle."

      If that is true, please make sure that your customers know if they are getting the boot only, or the also necessary grease and clamps. If you can sell the kits for $50 each, that's awesome. But imagine the customer who buys two of the $50 boots, spends hours removing the axle, only to find they can't even reinstall the boots because they don't have clamps.

      That's my $.02


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      SecoParts What is your export license and does it conform to the clarification rule 69 FR 52991 under title 15 CFR 774? The Growler and subsequent parts are EAR99 items and are possibly part of the commercial control list

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    I’m still having a hard time understanding charging $2850 for a TCM when it would appear a lot of 25 was purchased for $3600. That defeats the “sold price on GP” argument. Anyone can order a brand new and warrantied TCM from big government suppliers or an aftermarket TCM for more than half the price less? It doesn’t seem very fair at this point. I get it, you have them all, but I’d rather push my ride rather than be taken for a fool. I agree that people need to make money and I’m great with it. There’s a line though.

    I hate to say this, but your business appears to be a gamble and your gamble didn’t pay off with this community. You’ve hurt this community by doing what you did and I think that is the consensus of most people I talk to in the forum. None of us want you to not make money, but you overpaid or hoarded parts and listed them at extreme prices that would take the enjoyment out of owning one of these vehicles and trying to keep the history going. The good thing you’ve done is that your business pushed people in this forum to open communication with each other to truly learn what works and what doesn’t with the needed parts compared to what you have in your inventory. If I’m wrong and I hope I am because you want to help this community of growler owners, you might be willing to drop those high prices and make a reasonable profit rather than a killing off of us.

    If somebody on the forum wants to buy and pay your prices, that’s great! I just can’t afford what you’re asking for. Enjoy selling to foreign militaries and good luck.


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      SecoParts I’m just curious what foreign military purchased Growlers? My guess is none. This means that your primary target market for growler parts is the public which is also likely why you joined this forum. We are your target market. You say that you’d be willing to offer discounts to growler members but I doubt that you’d be willing to offer a 50% discount on all growler parts which is about what would be necessary to bring everything to a halfway reasonable price. Even at a 50% discount some of it would still be terribly overpriced. We literally can see what you paid for most of this stuff on govplanet. I’m sure you will probably eventually sell all of this stuff for those prices to unsuspecting customers but you are taking advantage of their ignorance. If that’s how you want to run your business then carry on. It’s a free country and the free market is a beautiful, although sometimes flawed, machine. I’m convinced that it is the best system so all we can do is use our voices and wallets to express our favor or disfavor.

      To all of the other growler owners: Before you purchase anything at these sky high prices at least consider other options. Even if you can afford to throw money at parts you’ll just encourage this type of scalping. Much of what is being sold can be fabricated or purchased elsewhere for a fraction of the cost. Obviously, some of it cannot. Like Pacman5 said, I’ll push my ride before I pay that kind of money. I won’t be pushing long though because there are plenty of alternatives to the prices these scalpers are trying to take you for. Them acting like they did you a favor by purchasing the parts so they can provide them to you is bullshit. They don’t give a shit about you, this community, or your growler. They want to lighten your wallet and that is all there is to it.


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        SecoParts I hope you can figure out the group that is writing you. Excluding me from this thread, these are the guys you want to win over because they’re the ones that have pushed this forum and knowledge base from day one.

        Help us help you. Let’s all benefit from working together.
        50 has pretty much rebuilt a few of these from the ground up. I think it’s fair to say we don’t want to take money away from you but we don’t want you robbing us at the same time. Business or not, I’m the parts are yours. Please don’t think you’re getting singled out either. $650 for a tire rack @Blackdog tried to sell didn’t move because people here see it for what it is. Keep your parts if you want. Hold true to your word and make a difference.