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  • Stenciling

    After a long and frustrating search for the correct/original stenciling for our Growlers, I have come to the conclusion that the stenciling must be a custom design. (Unless any of you have found it)
    I was really excited when my unit said that they had stenciling that I could use. I went and picked them up yesterday. They had all 4 sizes one would need for the Growler (1/2”, 1”, 2” & 3”) . The ones we use in the Marine Corps are C.H. Hanson reusable brass interlocking stencils. However, after holding them up to the vehicle it is clear that this font is different from what Growlerme originally used. I guess its fine but I just wanted all the markings to appear as original as possible. I have noticed that a few of the vehicles the Marine Corps repainted uses the C.H. Hansen stencil. I will attach a photo of that for comparison. The stencils do look fine so I will likely settle for this font.
    Interestingly enough, the C.H. Hansen stencils were used to paint on the side pillar numbers so that font does match. It also matches the “MI II30” marking on my growler which is located on the rear of the battery box as well as next to where “JP8 Only” is stenciled. This is likely because these numbers were added by the units once they took possession.
    I will attach my font measurements. Some of the numbers wont apply to your growlers but should give you a rough idea. If you choose to order stencils from C.H. Hansen, you can order individual letters/numbers which will save you some money.

    Some of the units spray painted white over the unit symbols prior to turning them over to the DLA. I was curious to know who had mine and was able to use some paint thinner to remove the white paint and reveal the unit cross cannons and skull. I should now be able to determine which unit used this PM. It was certainly with an artillery battalion at Camp Pendleton and most likely an “Battery” insignia. I’ll attach a photo of that below as well.

    C.H. Hansen Stencil Part #’s (USMC issue but NOT identical match for original) :
    1/2” : 10066
    1” : 10068
    2” : 10071
    3” : 10073
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    Excellent, thanks for finding those! I couldn't find a stencil match for the originals, and you've shown it probably isn't out there for us. 😞 I think the C.H. Hanson stencils will do for most. I have a different path I will be pursuing with my daughter, who has a cutting plotter, typically used for cutting custom vinyl letters and designs. She can make positive or negative stencils from a special paint masking sheet, and all I need to provide is the computer font. End cost per-vehicle should be much lower than brass stencils and easier to use.

    While I know something of computers, I am not up on font design or modification of existing fonts. I have found "close" matches to our original font, but not perfect as I want. If anyone here has any experience in font modifications, this would allow us to create entire stencil "kits" for each vehicle, and perhaps even some of the special and unit marking stencils on each . Anyone? Or perhaps a member knows of someone?

    Unique stuff - while one of mine has no "AIR" stencil, it does have "AMMO 1" over the left headlights:. Note the use of an M and an inverted W:
    Click image for larger version

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      That would great if your daughter could make stencil sets for these vehicles! I’d certainly be willing to purchase a set if we can figure out a font that’s close. I’m not too familiar with editing or creating font but I have some connections to some people who might be. I’ll see if they can do anything for us. Im going to be painting my growler in a few weeks and will likely use the C.H. Hanson stencils for the time being. I’ll post pictures of that in this thread.
      Your ammo 1 marking is most certainly done with the C.H. Hansen stencils. I’ve also seen the use of the inverted W to make the second M before! That adds some character!