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Looking for rubber exhaust

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  • Looking for rubber exhaust

    One question. Has anyone a resource or a number for the rubber for the exhaust pipe. I think it is fixed with at least 2 equal rubbers but I can‘t find them in www and they are special. Thank you!

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    The M1161 and '63 may be different. Please post photos of the parts you need. For the PM, I found the hangers are made by Walker, around $3 to $5 each, such as Walker 35210 and 36516. One of mine was broken under the passenger seat. They are "universal" parts. I don't know for the '61, and something suitable or usable may be at your local parts store or suggested by a local exhaust shop?


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    Both the M1161 and M1163 use the same part. You bend the rod to fit how you need it then weld it to the pipe