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  • Hippo Red CV boots

    Good day all. Been awhile since I've posted anything here. Been a busy last few months and haven't spent much time turning wrenches or doing anything on my Growler.'s time to do CV boots. I work in the dirt. No fancy garage. Soon I hope to get a garage but in the meantime I work in the dirt on my trucks. All that being said, I'm looking for the quick fix on my CV boots and wondering if the Hippo Red split boots (90mm) are worth my time and money to put on my 1163.

    $192.23 (shipping included) gets me 8 boots.

    Yay or Nay on these boots?

    Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    I have found the greatest invention in the world, the pneumatic CV boot installation tool (thank you Tommie Cascio). Use this or one of many equivalents.

    Click image for larger version

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    with Flexxboot 3002

    Click image for larger version

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    These things are GREAT! The boots are thicker and more flexible then regular ones, and this is a huge time saver. Also cheaper then NAPA boots.


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      Interesting...................thx Hopmeier

      I've never seen that tool. It's a beast. Thanks for the links.

      Still curious about the Hippo red split boots though and if anyone here has gone that route or knows of anyone who has.


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        Somebody posted the Hippo Red boots here, but no comments on how they worked.

        I also have a set of the less expensive silicone boots, and the simple plastic cone installation tool. Flip the boot inside-out, slide it on the cone (boot big end first), and then push it off the big end of the cone onto the CV and axle. It flips itself over as it rolls off the cone. The axles need to be removed, but not disassembled (unless you want to clean and re-grease). No tools necessary if you disassemble. See Greg's video for a good outline on that job. 👍


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          I used the hippo‘s. Works fine. But You have to remove the axele.


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            I used Hippo Red SPLIT Boots. Did not take anything apart. They are tough stretchy rubber. I removed the wheels to give more working space. It was not real easy but,
            I got them done. I have been in contact with Hippo Red and they are coming out with a larger size. This would make very easy. It is not ready yet.
            I Had to use clamps to hold 2-sides together when glued as they were so tight you can not hold small end that long. After glue dries, just take small clamp off.
            They have been on for 6 months or so and can withstand 60 + MPH.