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Air Ride controller fail

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  • Air Ride controller fail

    Yep, it operates (responds partially), but not correctly and will not reprogram per the TM like it used to. Has anyone been into this system? Any tips or hints, wiring info, best access, etc?

    Of course, we have a parade in a few days, and I can manually operate by switches (sometimes), but no cool full up-downs and such. 5 minutes of manually setting ride height with a measuring stick every time it needs leveling is getting old quickly. 🙄 OK, done ranting! 😀

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    I bought a new one! Larry Middleton has a source but, BUT you don't get the box with it and you have to solder the preformed connectors onto the PC board....very easy. The box is bolted to the floor behind the instrument panel. It has a pair of Elastic Stop Nuts on each bolt. The head of the bolt is not accessible! I had to use a Dremel to cut thru the nuts and you must be careful not to cut into the controller's box. Those boxes were available on eBay where I bought mine but maybe no more. Anyway, if you use the original box, you can't bolt it down again 'cause the original bolts are all chewed up now. I just laid the new unit on the floor where it was. My new unit operates the red LED on the control panel. My unit is a 2012 and the wiring is different from my 2011 which won't operate the red LED.

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      Gah. Sounds like a bit of butchery to get to it. Thanks for the heads-up! Not something to jump into today before the parade just to see if it's full of water or something. ❓ M1161 - Can you reveal the approximate price to get your new board back then?

      I'll get a look at it next weekend and see what gives. If the controller is toast and replacements are scarce or expensive, I'll likely create a new control board to get it done this summer.


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        These controllers are often mis-identified on eBay. Search EEC-325X4 or EEC-325 you'll find what you're looking for. Actually that number is the code for the box, not the stuff inside that box!!!
        The prices are all over the place. Take a look. FWIW, height adjustment...use a 10 inch stick..the distance from the top of the tire to the edge of the "fender". That gives you a straight CV.


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          I have seen a couple of them where the hidden button was disconnected by someone who had the right dash panel off at some point. It is worth it to check that.
          The nuts behind the control box are accessible I have been able to get a wrench on them, it is not easy but possible.

          one other thing I have come across on a 61 that I just completed (video coming soon) the right rear would not cooperate, I couldn’t get it to work with the knob settings. It turned out that the mounting bracket on the anti sway bar was broken. The sensors for the height system connect to the anti sway bar and that wrecked havoc on the sensor.


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            David, "every time it needs leveling" doesn't sound good. I've had an interesting twist in setting my you are aware, I now charge the air system from the external compressor and eliminate the on board compressor during "maintenance". Setting the controller with the engine on has resulted in erratic results. Then, I tried with the engine off and the outside air source replenishing the tanks during set-up. Wah Lah, the unit works every time. Too, I've learned that I need only set the upper and lower limits into the memory and the center position was assumed by the controller!! Previously I was setting all three into the memory.


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              Yeah, I adjust mine frequently due to mostly parking lot demonstrations of what it does. I usually adjust engine-off. It started fritzing by going full-up on the right side and full-down on the left one day when selected for Normal. I tried everything you suggested, but except for going full-down in Transport position (and sometimes stuck there, venting manual adjustments), it has a mind of its own. 😢

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            I was working on a 1163 a few months back that would do that, it turned out the control box behind the dash previously talked about had a burned out Mosfet power controller.


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              Here is the video I did on the suspension and also the CTIS controller that burned up on a M1163 that had a lot of electrical issues due to salt water damage.


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                Sounds familiar! No salt water damage on this one, but I also have other possibilities including the recent use of a no-name 24V AGM charger/maintainer that could introduce voltage weirdness. Until I know the source of the failure and cause, no operating anything while on the charger or have batteries disconnected. Thanks for the video, and I enjoy following your logical diagnostic troubleshooting progression.🤓