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    Just as an FYI, I’ve reached out to Ride Tech and was able to have my company work with them to be the provider for the parts for anything Ride Tech. I am going to be sending them some air shocks to be rebuilt by them as my airbags have holes in them.

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    Nice. It will be nice to have a supplier familiar with the specific needs of ITV owners. I know we can purchase through several online discount sites, but those (except RideTech direct) will have little support info. I found the air bags (only) for $30-$50 each, depending on brand (Firestone, Contitech, etc) and quantity of course, and a couple sites that described fixing minor bag leaks with tire goo or bladder liner. I have no idea if those work. Rebuilding info (maybe you could make some hands-on "how-to" videos?) will be very helpful to our ITV maintenance!


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      I' looking for the part number for the air bags or where I can purchase them
      can anyone help ?


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        not sure how

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        To PM Greg, just click on his screen name or avatar, and click the Private Message button. To order your own bags, see Post #20 here for part numbers:

        That said, they have become more difficult to find, and Greg (@Rasmusenrentals) currently has some good ones in stock (there are better and worse versions). I found my first couple sets myself, but ordered another set from Greg for my last ITV, who verified their usable quality.

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      I have a supply of them, send me a private message