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24V Brake Relay Module - NATO pn GD43019122

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  • 24V Brake Relay Module - NATO pn GD43019122

    The brake relay module is used to relay greater current for if the ITV is towing a trailer. The added brake and emergency flasher load is handled by the relay module, which operates towing or not, and a clicking may be heard with brake application, release, or emergency flasher operation.

    The relay module was located in one of my ITV-PMs inside the front bulkhead of the compressor cover, under the air tank and behind the driver's seat. As there are various production changes, yours may be in a different location.

    The module is a simple cast-aluminum box with 6-pin Deutsch connector, enclosing two socketed relays. They are automotive 24-volt, 1 Form A (normally open), with internal resistor and four .25" spade terminals. The Panasonic 2651 relay is obsolete, but apparently still alive renumbered as CB1A-R-24V. I have found at least one supplier of the relays with stock and a minimum order under 10 units at: Equivalent quality versions from other sources should be suitable.

    The box is sealed with o-rings and easy to open for service. Note each screw has a tiny o-ring under the head that is easy to lose. The unit I serviced had pliable seals, and a cleaning followed by a light smear of o-ring-safe lubricant paste resealed it. Although protected I also apply some to the terminals for corrosion resistance, out of habit. Plenty of photos below for reference. 😉
    Click image for larger version

Name:	ITV-PM_Brk_Rly_Module_bottom.jpg
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    Interesting… I noticed the images only show when I'm logged-in. 😕


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      Look forward to you being logged in so I can see the pics.


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        Any luck seeing them now? I deleted the images and rebuilt it with 7 new uploaded images. It looks OK from here, but LMK if it worked. It's just a box with 2 relays in it. Probably several hundred $ to the Govt.


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          Yep, I see them. Interesting... the relay box is not in that position in my PMT. Not sure where it is, but I'll keep an eye out for it. I added a boat access port to my air compressor box so I can easily replace filters.
          Click image for larger version

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            Yes, yours is much different. Slick filter access mod! But my filters (2011 & 2012) are facing the rear between the pump and dryer, as in my photo above. 😑 I found a tiny abrasion leak on one of my lines between the consep and dryer. Makes no sense how that happened, as it doesn't touch anything. So I have to get in there again anyway. The filter is getting plenty of service.