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Where might I find a manual for m1161? And filters?

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  • Where might I find a manual for m1161? And filters?

    Hi I’m new to this site had my growler for a year or so, looks like a great place to get help, thanks for starting this, any idea how many growlers are in civies hands now? Where can i find the 50cal. Turret? Thanks,Phil

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    Nobody has the service manual (that I'm aware-of), and only the TM 2320-OR/B Tech/Operators Manual is out there in the wild. They were available from Growler before COVID, but haven't heard they're operating yet. If all else fails, I have an extra B&W printed copy I can sell for $26 (my cost to print) plus shipping. It's 600 pages and heavy, so probably a USPS $20 flat-rate box if you're in the USA. Other component manuals and supplements are available here, so do a search.

    ITV filters have all been identified, so do a search with the forum Search Bar near the top of each page for whatever you need (fuel filter, hydraulic filter, etc).

    I don't know how many Itvees are now in civilian hands, but eventually all but a couple will be. It appears all of the PMs are sold (about 150 total production) and there are still some LSVs (many more of those made) left to go. Paul (@M1163) maintained a list of them for historical purposes (available here), but I don't know how up-to-date it is at this point. Check if yours is in there, and notify him if it isn't while you're thanking him. 😉

    Weapons mounts are evasive. I saw a couple of complete assemblies auctioned early-on, but those are ghosts now, of course. A couple members here are working on replicating parts and pieces with some drawings and stuff available, and one has all the bars, less some fittings. The ring mount has been found online at places like eBay. Again, do a search on what you're after.

    Note that the original specifications called for the same mount (cage frame and ring) to handle the M249 SAW, M2 HMG, and Mk19 40mm auto grenade launcher, using specific pintles for each type. I'm sure other things have been mounted on them, only needing their specific pintle mounts. I have seen one image with what appears to be a GAU-17/A (minigun), but I don't know if the image was while in-service, development, recent, or what.

    I hope that helps, and let me know if I missed any of your questions.