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First bath at new home!

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  • First bath at new home!

    Broke out the power washer and started blastin!

    Click image for larger version

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    In the dark ( I will be inspecting better in the morning) the Growler looked pretty good! Lots of sand and I do not know if from Yermo of from command?
    You can actually see through the windows!

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    Looks great 👍👌😊


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      Even after the initial power washing. The Growler is still filthy in all the nooks and crannies. Its going to need a second round!


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        Did anyone clean the interior areas? With hose or pressure washer, and what should i not get wet?
        looking for any advice.


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          Yours may be different, but with mine I tried pressure, but creeping crap just blew all around into other areas. After the first failed pressure wash (avoiding dash components and electronics), it looked cleaner, but really wasn't. I went to a garden hose, bucket of soapy water and sponge, with a selection of brushes to get around every edge and flush it away. Keep in-mind, if it's one that was in the field (most) and not recently refurbished, there will be a lot of sand and dirt oozing from cracks (like the center console tunnel housing) for a long time if you don't pull stuff out for access.

          Also, unless pulling seats and fuel tanks, you probably won't get all of that accumulated crud out either. It's like a bathtub down there, and I found several interesting parts and junk (besides mud) in the seat/tank wells, such as cage pins, rifle rack and fire extinguisher straps, hitch pin, etc. It's up to you if you want it to be pristine everywhere or just not look dirty. Big difference in effort and partial disassembly. I don't mind dirty. It's not a limo and I use it. But I like to remove dirt that can hold moisture, that can then cause rust. Dropping the suspension on one end or side so the crud runs one direction helps gather it in areas for removal. Hope that helps. Good luck!


          • killjoy35
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            Thanks. This is perfect. Also, were you able to run water through the cable channel? And how about the rear compressor area? Thanks in advance.


          • W427
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            "It depends". 🙄 Conduits and channels may have tight or loose fitting, so flushing may be effective or not. Some of these vehicles literally have pounds of dirt and sand in them, so it could be quick or take all day to flush-out. Alternatively, disassemble any removable sections for quicker or better flushing. One of mine had a loose-fitting area that allowed garden-hose flushing in about 20 minutes. I did not seal it when I was done so that it could drain any rain or splash water in the future. I even considered adding a sealing ring to the top cover, and thin washers to maintain a drain gap on the bottom cover. Your call. I wish I could give a better answer! [EDIT] Also, my PMs do not have a closed compressor area, so I can't say. However, you might consider adding drains in trapped areas, so that rust does not create a drain hole for you. 😉
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          Thanks for all the info! I'll let you know how it turns out!



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            Thanks for the information! This is perfect.