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M1163 rear facing third seat?

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  • M1163 rear facing third seat?

    Ive seen blackdog customs has a third rear facing seat in the back of one of their m1163s.

    is this a OEM setup? Most of the PMs are bare back there. I cant tell if blackdog just retrofitted an LMTV seat or something similar into the space or if its something thats a factory option.

    if its factory, do those seats exist to be bought? It wouldnt be impossible to build something using any number of available military highback seats but it would be nice to have the right part.

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    Here is a picture of a rear seat in a M1163, I found online.
    There is also a roll bar for the rear seat area, I have 2 I need to sell so if you need the bar PM me and we can make a deal on it.
    Click image for larger version

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      If you still have the roll bar, I am interested. Please PM me

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    darwinmunky - There are two primary variants of the ITVs, the LSV and the PM. The PM has two sub-variants, the PMW and PMT. The PMW is eqipped to tow the M327 mortar, has 2 forward-facing seats and a retracting tow pintle. The PMT is equipped to tow the M1164 ammunition trailer, has 2 forward-facing seats and 1 rear-facing seat, with a protective ROPS (roll bar) added for the 3rd seat. The 3rd seat and roll bar are pictured in Rasmusrentals post.

    Any PM may be configured to either variant, or neither. However, the original contracted and equipped variation is indicated on the vehicle's data plate in the NSN. The PM variants are: 2320-01-531-7659 (PMT) and 2320-01-652-0248 (PMW)

    More info on NSNs, variations in weight, etc, are at this link: Data Plate Debacle

    I hope that helps. As the Itvees are very cool to the grand kids, but the rear-facing seat has no interest for them, I'm converting one of my PMs to a "PMG" or PM Grandchildren, with a removable center console unit from a modern pickup that flips to a forward-facing 3rd seat for them.


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      Thanks for the info guys.

      im still looking for a m1163 so im not in the market for any parts currently.

      im glad i found this forum, the info out there on these vehicles is so limited. I was actually watching Rasmussen’s videos this morning to familiarize with the growler-specific controls on an ITV.


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        can someone post a picture of the 3rd seat bracket.


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          ITV-PM 3rd Seat Frame
          Below are some pictures and measurements of the 3rd seat frame.
          I plan on modifying one of my old front seats to go in the back. In order to do this, I'll have to cut off the knobs and lumbar support lever and tack it in place to make it fit back there. I will also add a little more adjustment to the seat bolt pattern by making the tabs and bolt holes slightly larger because the current seat bolt pattern is off by about a quarter of an inch. I want to keep the original dimensions just in case I ever get my hands on an original 3rd seat.
          Thanks to Pacman5 for letting me borrow his seat frame so I could get these measurements.
          Click image for larger version

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          Click image for larger version

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          Click image for larger version

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            Great detail on Pix!