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UTV Sound System on Growler - NOAM NUTV4

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  • UTV Sound System on Growler - NOAM NUTV4

    After looking at different sound system options I finally decided to go with the NOAM NUTV4. I got it on Black Friday in 2020. There is a "better/upgraded" model called the NUTV5 but, after speaking with technical support, they said that the NUTV4 would be better for this application. The NUTV5 also has a large sub and I didn't want to give up space in my center console area to house that thing. The NUTV 4 is plenty loud for me anyway.


    Easy day. There are a number of ways to set this up. The instructions call for wiring this system directly to the battery however, it was intended for 12v, not 24v. I ran my battery hot and ground directly to the 12v posts on the battery equalizer in the passenger side toolbox. I mounted the AMP in the battery box in the section right behind the passenger seat. The speaker wire routing is self-explanatory. The wires to the controller were routed under the tunnel/center console using a coat hanger to pull them through. You could drill a hole and use a rubber grommet to route the wires out of the dash but I didn't want to do that. I used spacers and a thicker seal on the top edge of the dash to create just enough of a gap to route the controller wires through and still be able to seal it off from water. It's really pretty simple.

    Things to watch out for:

    One of my batteries was struggling. I drove the growler to Autozone to pick up the new Odyssey 34/78 and was playing my music on the Noam speaker system. I didn't manually turn off the sound as I was just going in for a minute. I grabbed my new battery and was going to install it at home. I went to start the growler and, poof, no more tunes. The low voltage killed my amp. NOAM was really nice about it and sent me out a new amp and controller. I spoke with them for some time about it and they said that these should not be exposed to low voltage. If you think that your battery might be low, turn off the sound system before attempting to start the vehicle.
    This makes sense as the military also says to turn off all comms systems before starting the vic. I would think that low voltage issues would be somewhat common for UTVs as people will use the speakers at campsites, the beach..etc, with the motor off. NOAM said that they are developing a low voltage disconnect that will protect the amp in the event it is exposed to such conditions.
    I've had my new amp installed for a couple of months now and no issues. I use it to play music a lot when I'm outside working. Two good batteries help! I also will keep it on the trickle charger if it will be running for a while.

    How's the sound?

    The amount, and quality, of sound that the NUTV4 system puts out, is impressive. I'm sure the NUTV5 would put this one to shame but it was the space savings, and price, that ultimately made me choose the NUTV4. You can hear the music well while cruising at highway speeds.

    Here is the Amazon link for the NUTV4

    Click image for larger version

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    You can also see where I mounted the switch for my heated seat elements. Those make a world of difference.
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    (Below) The NOAM master power switch needs to be accessible. There aren't a lot of mounting options for that besides what you see here. It's normally hidden behind the passenger seat anyway so the wires aren't visable.
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