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  • Looking for a Turbo

    Looking for a used/new Turbo for my 1161. Know all the Part numbers and searched everywhere but there are no new turbos availabel actually.

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    I've found them by engine application, most commonly by searching the MWM 2.8L 4.07TCA engine, or some applications such as the GM/Chevy S10 or Blazer. There may be some originals floating around, but most I know have used the aftermarket new replacements out of Asia which seem to work well.

    Post if you need only the CHRA (center housing rotating assembly) or the entire turbocharger. They are under $100 to renew just the important parts (first random example I could find in under 2 minutes here) with a CHRA, and a few hundred for the whole thing, like this.

    Shop carefully, as there are multiple other sources, and other applications as well. You can find some better deals or terms. Good luck!


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    After getting my new turbo the following part is still missing. It is under the turbo. 2 Parts. One Part comes out of the engine and is still there. The other part goes in the turbo and is missing on mine. Hope someone helps me. Thank you guys!