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2020 MVPA Northwest Parks Convoy

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  • 2020 MVPA Northwest Parks Convoy

    EDIT: This event is POSTPONED until 2022. See following posts for details.

    2020 MVPA Northwest Parks Convoy (ID, OR, WA, 1600 miles) from 9AUG2020 to 22AUG2020. Contact phone at 800-365-5798 (MVPA) or the Convoy Commanders Dan and Janine at 805-501-8979 if you need special info. I have attached PDFs of the article from MVPA on it and the brochure, and I don't want to break copyright, but I assume they want everyone to know and join MVPA for it.

    EDIT: The Convoy has been postponed until the National Parks give a re-open date. Still, I want this posted so Itvee owners are aware and can plan and arrange for when it does get the green light. BTW - you don't have to do the whole diehard thing, and those only driving a section of the route are welcome to join-in at specific points. Bring companions and a second vehicle if you like.
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    I received a SitRep email from the event Commander:

    MVPA Convoy Announcement:

    The Military Vehicle Preservation Association has POSTPONED the August 2020 Northwest Parks Convoy, NWP’20 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    One of the major two night-one day event location has canceled all related activities through the rest of 2020. Several other venues have been unable to confirm that their previous commitments will be allowed to proceed.

    The NWP’20 Convoy would be traveling through Idaho, Washington and Oregon states and based on the current and ongoing health situations in these states the health and safety of the convoy members is our primary concern.

    Therefore, the MVPA will postpone the August NWP’20 Convoy until August of 2022. The entire Convoy plan will be implemented in 2022 as originally planned for 2020 and additional information will be forthcoming. We regret having to postpone the convoy however it is in the best interest of our convoy members.

    We hope you are staying safe and we look forward to seeing you on future convoys.

    Take care and keep ‘em rolling!

    Dan and Janine McCluskey, MVPA #25709
    NWP’22 Convoy Commanders

    Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA)
    More updates as-received. See you on the road in 2022! 😎